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Chinese Symbol Tattoo Ideas

Chinese symbols are another common element seen in tattoos today.  Why is that?  Well, it is because you can say something and no one knows what it means unless you tell them, or the know Chinese and can see the symbol very well. 

Chinese symbols are the perfect tattoo answer for people who are looking for something small, and something to describe them, or make a statement.  Here are some examples of the words that you can convey with symbols. 

Many shops have posters that display several Chinese symbols for you to choose from.  If not you may want to bring in a printed image of the symbol you are using in your tattoo idea.  This will allow the artist to make a stencil of the symbol so that it is perfectly tattooed on your skin, without them having to find it for you.  There are several resources where you can find the Chinese symbol you are looking for.

Though the actually symbols will not be displayed, here are some of the most descriptive phrases that you can find symbols for and provide to your tattoo artist.  The symbols associated with the words below are capable of making several different statements, so check them out and see if you like what they look like, and will fit where you want them on your body.


There are several others to choose from, and when considering Chinese symbols for your tattoo, you should take time to consider what you would like to use and why.  If you do not see your ideas here, you can safely bet that there is a Chinese symbol to convey whatever you are looking for.  Look around until you see something you like.  You can always incorporate these Chinese symbols or any combination thereof with other tattoo ideas to create your perfect tattoo.