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Colorful Tattoo Ideas

Colorful tattoos are the tattoos that seem to get the most attention, even though black ink tattoos can look just as beautiful.  If you have decided to get a tattoo full of color, try some of these colorful tattoo ideas to see what you think. Keep in mind though that you do not need to have a lot of color, or any color at all to have a fantastic tattoo; some tattoo ideas will look better with color than without, but the decision is up to you and your budget.

Anything using Nature
 Any tattoo that has elements of nature like plants, animals, or people has great potential to be a colorful tattoo.  You can leave it black and white if you want, depending on where you want it, and what you are getting, but anything that depicts an actual element in our environment appears more lifelike with the right color and shading.

Anything using People or Places
If you want your tattoo to match a symbol used on a product, or you are looking to mimic a person in your tattoo, it will look just as good in color as it would in black and white.  For instance, if you’re using a family crest, it would look better in color to match the actual crest than in black and white.

Abstract Designs 
More visual appeal is added to abstract designs and shapes when color is added.  The different colors make the tattoo more expensive, but will make the tattoo richer and you can choose colors you enjoy to truly customize your tattoo ideas.
The great thing about tattoos is that very few of them actually need color to look nice; any tattoo will look good in color, as long as the color choices do not clash with each other on the color wheel.