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First Time Tattoo Ideas

Your first tattoo will likely lead to more, though your experience with it will probably be the most memorable.  Whatever it is that leads you to the first tattoo, be it the thrill, the rebellion, a certain life event that you feel needs to be documented on your body, you will be nervous, and excited.

Remember that your first tattoo ideas will probably change a time or a thousand before you actually get “inked.”  Take some time to consider several different tattoo ideas, because you will be stuck with the tattoo for a long time unless you can afford laser removal, and even in laser removal, you can still see a good bit of the tattoo.

Keep your ideas simple.  With simple ideas, you can keep your first tattoo experience short, and take some time to really think about whether or not you enjoyed it enough to expand on your initial tattoo or get more tattoos later.

Keep your placement hidden.  If you place your tattoo ideas in areas of your body that you can easily cover with clothing or do not have to constantly look at, this will make it easier to deal with if you decide later that you did not want the tattoo or any situation where the display of tattoos may not be appropriate.

Think about the future.  Your tattoo ideas should be ones that you could see yourself enjoying 20 years in the future as much as you do now.  If you do not think your tattoo will mean the same thing later, you probably should reconsider your ideas.

As long as you research your artist and parlor to make sure the environment is safe and clean, you will be fine.  Discuss your ideas with several people, including the artist to see what they think if you cannot decide on your first tattoo.