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Memorial Tattoo Ideas

When you lose someone close to you, almost instinctively you want to find a way to memorialize that person.  Many people turn to memorial tattoos to accomplish this task.  Take a look at these memorial tattoo ideas and see what you think.

Perhaps the most obvious answer for a memorial tattoo is an angel.  Several different variations of this tattoo idea are possible, such as just using a set of wings with or without a halo.  You can add the name and date of birth and/or date of death to make it a tattoo that only you have.  These types of tattoos have plenty of area for customization despite how commonly seen they area.

If you are using a tattoo to memorialize a loved one, you may decide that heart should be a part of the tattoo in order to convey the love you felt and will always continue to feel for that person.  Many different designs could come from the use of hearts, such as using interconnected hearts to show that even though this person is gone, the love you shared will never die.  Like angels, these too have plenty of room for customization.

Just as flowers are used at funerals to show mourning and respect for the person you lost, you can use flowers to symbolize the person in a tattoo.  Common flowers that are used in memorial tattoos are roses and carnations.  Add the person’s name or initials with or without the date, and you’ve got your unique tattoo idea.

If you use these suggestions, you will certainly have plenty of memorial tattoo ideas to choose from.  The loss of a loved one is a hard thing to handle, and sometimes a tattoo helps to ease the pain and helps to provide a sense of closure.