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Mythological Tattoo Ideas

Some of the most common tattoo ideas are of the mythological origin.  Many mythological elements symbolize characteristics and other things that people love to use in tattoos.  Here are some of the mythological elements that are found in tattoos so you can decide if you can use them for your tattoo ideas.

Symbolic of love and beauty in women, the unity between sea creatures and Gods, Mermaids have great meaning and are very frequently seen in tattoos.  If you want a mermaid tattoo, consider the colors you use and if you want her to be seated in front of a background or alone.  This will greatly impact the overall look of your tattoo and help you to keep your tattoo original.

Dragon tattoos will have a different symbolic effect depending on various cultural beliefs.  Some say that it represents a life free from fear, and choices in life, while others will say that it symbolizes power, strength, and courage.  Whatever you decide, make sure you choose a dragon design that will allow you to utilize you desired colors and placement on the body.

These tattoos will also have different symbolic meanings depending on the deity you decide to use and which culture it is from.  Aphrodite symbolizes love and great beauty, and is attached to the Adonis.  Poseidon is the god of the Sea.  Do research on the deity you want, to make sure you will be conveying the right message with your tattoo idea.

Now that you know what three common things show up in mythological tattoos, you can decide for yourself if you would like to use them for any of your tattoo ideas.  You can mix and match these elements with other symbols and use color to enhance the look of the overall tattoo.