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Religious Symbol Tattoo Ideas

Though some religions are against the practice of tattooing, many religious symbols are used very frequently in many tattoo ideas.  What different religious symbols are used in tattoos, and what to do they mean?  How can they help you with your tattoo ideas?

This symbol is not very original, but the great thing about it is that you can add elements of color, shading, and text that will make the tattoo idea more original and customized for you.  Consider the design of the cross itself, decorating the ends with something other than a straight line, and it will become unique.

Star of David
This is a common Jewish religious symbol that many people use to show their support or belief in the religion.  It is commonly used to symbolize God, and therefore can take on many different meanings or uses in terms of your tattoo ideas.  Carefully chosen placement and coloring will add to the impact of this symbol for a tattoo.

Celtic Knots
These can be done in thousands of different designs and in several different places all over the body and in whatever colors you want.  This makes the Celtic knot one of the most unique tattoos one can have even though they are very common. 

Alpha and Omega
A common representation using Greek symbols that means “the beginning and the end” is used in several tattoos to commemorate an accomplishment, the beginning or the end of a chapter in life, or life and death.  Like the other tattoo ideas you can customize it with colors and text to make it your own.

Depending on the religion you practice, you may have different religious symbols that you want to use in your tattoo ideas.  Remember that these suggestions are based on commonly used symbols in various religions.