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Simple Tattoo Ideas

Simplicity is beauty when it comes to many things in life, and tattoos can be one of those things.  Not all tattoo ideas have to be detailed and full of color in order to look great on you, and to have significance for you.  If you’re looking for simple tattoo ideas, why not check these out?

Names and/or Dates 
If you have a significant date or person in your life, this is a perfectly simple tattoo.  You can use any name and or date that have significance to you, and leave the rest up to the imagination or add to it later.  Nothing says you have to make the tattoo’s meaning obvious to anyone else but you.

You can use Chinese symbols, zodiac symbols, and universal symbols, whatever you want.  If there’s a pictorial way to describe something, you better you can use it in your tattoo ideas.   It will keep things simple, and likely keep it small enough to hide should you ever have to conceal the tattoo itself.

Flowers are very simple designs, though you can add to the complexity of them with the placement on your body and the color you decide to use.  The best thing is that they can be whatever size you want them to be, and that will not take away from the simplicity of the design.

When it comes to tattoo ideas, you can make them all as simple or as complex as you want them to be, depending on the colors, the design, where on your body you want it, and the budget for the tattoo.  Remember, if you want to go back later and add something else to the tattoo that will customize it for you, you usually can do this with ease as long as there is room on your body to do it!