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Small Tattoo Ideas

If you want a tattoo but need to make sure it’s small enough to conceal when you need to keep hidden, you need a small design.  Contrary to popular belief, you can get a small tattoo and keep it personalized and unique to you.  Several different possibilities for small tattoo ideas are out there, so let us take a look at a few of them.

If you want something small for your tattoo try using initials.  Depending on the font and size of the text, they would be very small, and wouldn’t take long to get done either.  Initials work great on several different places on the body, so they are great for small tattoo ideas.  They don’t even have to be your initials.  You could use the initials RIP for Rest in Peace, or something to that effect as well.

 Hearts and other symbols like peace signs can be done in a unique way with different colors and designs to make the tattoo your own.  You will be able to control the size and placement of the tattoo, but these will look great no matter how small they are.  The possibilities in this category are almost endless and include things like zodiac symbols and Chinese symbols.  Try adding a short word or some initials to your symbol to make it original, while still keeping it small.

The thing to remember about a small tattoo is that almost anything will work.  You can make any large tattoo a small tattoo, but you must remember that the smaller it becomes, the less you will be able to tell what it is.  The smaller it is, the less detail you will be able to put into the design.    Sometimes if a tattoo becomes too small you may face paying a higher cost, because of the difficulty of the work on the artist.