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Tattoo Ideas for Moms

Some people believe that as a mother, you shouldn’t have a tattoo.  While you definitely should not get a tattoo during your pregnancy because of the risks to your unborn child, nothing says you cannot have tattoos after becoming a mother.  Several different tattoo ideas are out there just for mothers, so let’s take a look at some of them.

Your child or children’s name(s)/initials. 
With the right color, placement, and font choice, you need nothing more than your child’s name or initials to have an excellent tattoo.  Though many parents use this for their tattoo, each one is unique because they will always be your child, and even though the name may belong to another child.  Just a simple name in a nice script font on your back or ankle is nice.

Your child or children’s footprints.  
Many fathers choose this option, but it works well for mothers too.  Using your child’s footprints from the hospital is a great starting ground for your tattoo ideas.  All you need to do is add the child’s name, initials and/or birth date, and you have your tattoo.  If you do not like the idea of footprints, you could use hand prints instead.  Many artists are very good at getting the detail of the marks from the original document you bring in.

Zodiac symbols of your children. 
These are a little more abstract and are smaller tattoos, but you will know what they mean.  The placement, color, and size of the symbol(s) are entirely up to you. You can use the tattoo as a conversation starter for years to come.

Though these are not the only tattoo ideas for Moms, these will give you a starting ground to run on so that your tattoo becomes specialized to you, and you will be completely satisfied with your results.  As always, research your artist and the establishment before getting any tattoo, and don’t be afraid to look around at several options.