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Tattoo Ideas for Veterans

Military tattoos are very common for people serving in the United States Armed Forces.  Even if you are no longer serving in the military, and you want a tattoo, several different options are available for you to commemorate your services to our country.  Take a look at these tattoo ideas and surely you will find something that you enjoy.

Symbols representing your branch. 
Each branch of the military has its own symbol, crest, or other pictorial representation.  You can generate several tattoo ideas using this alone.  Different sizes, colors, and placements on your body could impact the overall meaning of the tattoo. 

Service Dates. 
If you want to add more to your military tattoo, try adding your service dates in a nice font somewhere around the symbol.  This is what will really customize the tattoo for you in spite of using a common symbol. 

Rank at Discharge. 
If you do not like the service dates idea, or you want to add another element, you could always add your rank when you were discharged to show what part you played in the military.

Chinese Symbols. 
There are plenty of things to be said about someone who has served in the Armed Forces.  Chinese symbols are a great way to add these descriptive terms like strength, power, courage, and faith to your military tattoo design in some manner.

Squadron’s Mascot. 
If your squadron had a mascot, this is a perfect military tattoo idea to enhance the tattoo, but it will work well on its own.

Another great use of a military tattoo would be to honor someone you lost in battle, or a loved one that served in the forces.  Whatever route you take, and whatever combination of ideas you decide to use, you can count on your military tattoo to be a great one!