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Unique Tattoo Ideas

Many people use tattoos as a statement, as something different.  Though many tattoo studios have books of pictures and common tattoos, most of the time people come in with their own ideas.  While it’s hard to guarantee that someone else won’t have the same tattoo ideas as you do, the following can help make yours one of a kind.

Tattoo ideas are more than which design you want on your body.  Where you put the tattoo on your body has an impact on the uniqueness of the tattoo just as much, if not more than the actual tattoo itself.  Choose an area that you do not often see people using, or an area that you can hide if you need to. 

Rather than choosing something that everyone has or is very commonly seen, you should choose a design that means something to you.  If a commonly seen design does have some meaning to you, this is where you refer to the placement of the tattoo in order to make it unique to you.

Black is not the only color you are limited to.  In fact, according to a recent documentary on tattoos that aired on the History channel, you actually have 49 different colors to choose from when it comes to your tattoo.  As long as you follow your after-care instructions, even colors like yellow, orange, and red that are known to fade more easily than the others, your tattoo ideas will last a long time.

Take time to consider these three things, and you will have no shortage of unique tattoo ideas to turn into reality on your skin.  Mix and match some ideas on placement, color and design of your tattoo until you come up with something you really enjoy.